Real life happens in the context of real relationships. Get connected now and prepare to grow and thrive in an intentional, empowering, faith-filled environment.

Intentional, Empowering, and Faith-filled. At LWC Baltimore, Life Groups are more than just a place to hang out and socialize. They are God-centered, intimate, and life-giving gatherings meant to foster positive growth and change at the individual level according to God’s Word.  Whether it’s a group that meets in a home, at the church, or in a coffee shop;  whether it’s a group that studies God’s Word through systematic Bible Study and topical studies or a group that is centered around a specific interest or purpose, all of the Life Groups at LWC Baltimore are there to provide every person a place to be loved, accepted, and to find true community. 

Our goals are to be intentional in forming authentic relationships with other believers who have or are walking through similar difficulties and seasons in their lives. We also seek to empower one another to grow in faith and knowledge of God’s Word, seeking to encourage Biblical character growth and change. And finally, we want to see faith-filled activities fuel radical changes in the lives of all participants. In Life Groups, we have a place to mentor and be mentored in our walk, to participate in discipleship, and to foster deeper, more meaningful relationships within the church.

We want everything we do at LWC Baltimore to be focused on the Great Commission of making disciples. So, whether we are worshiping together on Sunday mornings or just going through our daily routines, we reflect God in all that we say and do.